Nominating Protected Areas

The National Conservation Law provides for new protected areas and expansion to existing protected areas, through voluntary purchase of land or through Conservation Agreements with landowners.

New nominations of areas to be protected can be submitted to the National Conservation Council by any member of the public at any time by email to

New nominations only!


Review Part 3 of the National Conservation Act – “Conservation of Land” for a complete explanation of the purpose, objectives and criteria for nominations.

Current call for Nominations:
The current consultation period is from 22nd April to 31st July 2024.

Nominations shall be in the form of a letter to the Council and shall contain at a minimum, the information set out in section 9(1) of the Law:

  • A description of the area in sufficient detail to plot its boundaries on a map or chart;
  • A statement of the reasons why the area should be selected for protection having regard to the purposes and objectives in section 8(1) and the criteria in section 8(2) of the Law;
  • A description of any protected species or other species of special concern known to reside in or migrate through the area; and
  • Any conservation problems that are known to be associated with the area and any special protective measures which may be required.

Protected Area Nominations Reports

Download 2022 Report

Download 2018 Report


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