Prohibited Species

Prohibited Species are plants and animals which have been identified as posing exceptionally severe threats to the native species of the Cayman Islands.

Under the National Conservation (Alien Species) Regulations 2022, prohibited species have strict regulations for keeping as pets or as ornamental plants, breeding, import, export, purchase or sale, and stiff penalties for infractions.

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Permits to allow exceptions to the new Prohibited Species Regulations, for exotic pets already here legally, may be applied for by 31 December, 2023. Prohibited species found in contravention of the Regulations, may be seized and subject to sterilisation, export or euthanasia.

To apply for a permit or learn more about the process, including how to turn in or report any prohibited species without fear of prosecution, please email

The prohibited species list outlined in Part A of the new Regulations was in part informed by a regional British Overseas Territories invasive species workshop hosted in the Cayman Islands in 2018 which brought together scientists and stakeholders to identify various species and activities which pose threats to native flora, fauna and environments across the region. Local scientists considered what species were both the biggest risk to our local species and also the most likely to be requested for import when drafting the new regulations to address known and anticipated threats. Invasive species have long been recognized as a significant environmental problem internationally as well as locally and work has been ongoing for several years leading to the passage of these new Regulations by the Cabinet.

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