Annual Reports

The National Conservation Council exists to promote and secure the biological diversity of the Cayman Islands and ensure the sustainable use of Cayman’s natural resources. It acts to protect and conserve endangered, threatened and endemic wildlife and their habitats. The Council oversees the protection of terrestrial, wetland and marine areas with the support of current generation and for the benefit of future generations of the Cayman Islands.

The National Conservation Act, 2013, requires an annual report of the National Conservation Council’s activities.

  1. (1) The Council shall, no later than three months after the end of the financial year, prepare and submit to the Minister a report of its activities during the preceding year.
    (2) The Minister shall, as soon as reasonably possible, submit the report under subsection (1) to the Cabinet for approval and thereafter such report shall be laid on the table of the Legislative Assembly by the Minister no later than three months after receipt of the report.


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