DoE Comments on Cayman Compass CPA Morritt’s Article

In light of the recent Compass article regarding the Central Planning Authority’s (CPA) environmental consultation process in relation to the Morritt’s application, the Department of Environment (DoE) and National Conservation Council (NCC) feel compelled to clarify that since July 2023 the CPA have been fully aware of the DoE/NCC’s simple, directed conditions of approval required to mitigate the potential adverse effects to the adjacent Marine Protected Area.

The DoE/NCC’s July 2023 review provided the CPA with all of the necessary information required for them to determine the application in a timely manner. This included combined non-binding recommendations under section 7 of the Development & Planning Act (DPA) and section 41(3) of the National Conservation Act (NCA), and binding directed conditions under NCA section 41(4).

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