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Learn all about the Protected Areas Management Plans for Cayman Islands' Marine & Terrestrial protected areas

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Learn all about the Protected Species Conservation Plans for Cayman Islands' native species

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Environmental Consultations (under s41 of the NCA) provided for Central Planning Authority between 2016 - 2023


The number
of s41 environmental consultation responses provided by NCC to CPA between 2016 and 2023.

This is 36% of the total number of planning applications.


The number of
directed refusals (including duplicate applications).

This is 0.23% of
the total planning applications reviewed
by NCC.


The number of
projects formally screened for an EIA (screening opinion).

This is 0.77% of
the total planning applications reviewed
by NCC


The number of projects that required an EIA.

This is 0.33% of
the total projects reviewed by NCC.

This is 0.19% of
the total projects considered by CPA.


The current number of active EIAs.

2 projects are in progress.

3 projects are pending the proponent to select a consultant.

Number of planning applications and approvals are best estimates based on available information

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